Geoff W Jeal Sculpture
Geoff W Jeal Sculpture

Welcome to Geoff W Jeal Sculpture.

Geoff has spent much of his life living and working in the English rural countryside, where he has developed a deep appreciation of

landscape, natural forms, the shifts in seasons and the cycle of development each season brings.


Geoff takes inspiration for his work from the natural world that surrounds us, picks it apart and reassembles it with a new perspective inviting the viewer to appreciate the simple form of some of the most complex ecological structures.


Geoff has developed his skills as an artist by training and working as a skilled chaser and finisher at Lockbund Fine Art Bronze Casting Foundry in Oxfordshire, under the tutelage of Simon Allison artist and founder.


Working on sculpture projects by artists such as Hamish Mackie, Bridget McCrum, James Butler, Jane Hamilton and David Wynne to name but a few,

have all had a positive influence and have enabled him to develop his own style and method of working.



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